Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't Hate on Culver City

In a prior post I talked about how booming our city (Culver City) is these days. Culver City is a part of the Westside that I have always been fond of. Maybe its because it was the only L.A. city that I've been to that mosts resembles my suburban hometown of Anaheim. My wife and I love living in Culver City, and lately we keep being reminded of why we chose to live in this hidden gem of a city.

A friend of mine sent my wife and I this article published last week in the New York Times, In Culver City, Calif., Art and Food Turn a Nowhere Into a Somewhere.

J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times

The article talks about why Culver City is becoming the place to be in Los Angeles.

My wife believes her moving to Culver City is the reason why its now on the map. Ah Truthiness, always keeping it real.



At 1:19 PM, Blogger truthiness said...

I wouldn't be holding up to my name if I believed otherwise.

Plus, you all know is true...I always a certain social boost to everything, (be it a party or even the city where I chose to live)!!! :)

I should get a dedication or something from Culver City in gratitude for putting them on the map. For example, the keys of the City would be nice . . .


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