Friday, December 08, 2006

Sort of Failed Experiment

Last night I couldn't resist the urge to go to Best Buy and look at the wirless video senders. As you may recall from a prior post, I am trying to send a video signal wirelessly to a portable dvd monitor in my kitchen.

So just my luck, I came across the Leapfrog LF-30S transmitter open item that the price had been slashed to $95. So I said, what the heck lets try it out. So I took it home and connected it to my second cable box in the bedroom, so that my wife can see one channel in the living room and I can watch something else in the kitchen. The installation was painless, although I was not happy about the added cables that come with the transmiters. Regardless I turned them on and they worked. Wow, I even set-up the infared feature on the unit so I can change the channels from the kitchen....very cool.

Uh oh, whats this? Static interference, no! It can't be, I was right the 2.4Ghz frequency is an issue. The wirless internet I got going, plus our cordless phone, and believe it or not our microwave are causing too much interference. I tried changing up the channels on the transmitters but nothing. Ahhh! Why don't things work how they are suppose to work. Oh well, I guess I have to keep looking for that 5Ghz transmitter that is all over the Internet, but impossible to buy because its out of stock in most places.

So now what? First return that piece of junk transmitter and then I have another expirement I want to try. Lately I have a theory about the HDTV genre. I've been intentionally avoiding getting an HDTV cable box, because I believe there aren't enough channels available in High Def to make it worth paying the extra $5 a month. So since the FCC has mandated that all public channels be available in HD as of this year, available over the air, I am considering just buying a powered HDTV antenna, which will hopefully allow me to view all the standard channels in HD (thats about 19 channels)... which are a lot of channels compared to what Time Warner offers, especially since a lot public channels are still not available through their service. Anyways, since our tv has a built-in HD tuner I think that forking out $45 for this antenna may be worth it. By the way, the whole Comcast/Adelphia buy-out by Time Warner is such a scam. Why can't people get all the channels available?

Ok, by now anyone reading this blog probably thinks I'm the biggest geek ever. So if I totally bored you with my tech rant, go enjoy some of the techno pleasures that are available online. I'm sure Truthiness can tell you all about it.


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