Thursday, January 25, 2007

Traveling with My Bathroom

As you probably have read before, our bathroom was one of the worst features when we purchased our condo. The shower head and faucet was old and corroded. The floor was this ugly checkered vinyl flooring, and the toilet....woo, that thing looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years.

So before moving-in I promissed my wife that I'd fix it up. So as part of our renovations, we changed the flooring, put in a new toilet, changed out the shower head and faucet. Today the shower looks a lot more modern, but is still not complete.

Both my wife and I love to travel. So our goal in the renovation of the bathroom, was to take our favorite things from hotel bathrooms we liked and bring them into ours. So for our shower head, we put in a fancy chrome Kohler Revival head. The shower head is nice and big and sprays a wide soothing stream of water. Then for our shower rod we went for the curved rod that gives you a lot more space in the shower. For the toilet we trusted our plumber, and we went with Toto...which is cool because thats what they have in a lot of hotels as well.

Anyways, this week I am at a conference in San Antonio and what do you know. Staying at the Marriott, my hotel room has the exact Kohler shower head, curved shower rod, toilet and similar tile. Wow...its like I never left home.


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