Monday, December 04, 2006

Friends, Beers and UCLA Football

Wow, on Sautrday UCLA beat USC and took them out of the championship game. Ah, that was as good as seeing USC get clobbered by Texas last year...wait, no. UCLA beating USC is always by far better than anything else. It took seven years, but this victory couldn't have been sweeter...and watching it in our condo with brewskis and good friends was the icing on the cake.

Anyways, this weekend I called up my best friend form UCLA, and invited him and his wife to join us Saturday and watch the big game. Both my wife and I are proud Bruins and one day hopefully our kids will be too. It was nice having our friends over, we got a chance to show them our place and entertain them. We had a great time watching the game and eating. I made a nacho fiesta platter and my wife made a delicious but spicy guacamole, which we washed down with plenty of Pacificos and Dos Equis. As the game went on, we kept knocking on wood so we wouldn't jinx the game. As the game approached the 5 minute mark we started to believe. Yes, the Bruins were going to win it...and then they intercepted with lik a minute left and we knew it was all over...we were jumping up and down making a ruckus, it trully was awesome.

One irony is that before this season, the last time I went to UCLA footbal game was the last time they beat USC in 1998. I guess I should go to more games. GO BRUINS and good luck in the Emerald Bowl.


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