Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dinner Parties are Fun! (If you are a guest!)

Last Saturday, all of my family came over to visit the new place. I didn't realize how nervous I was about it, until the day of, when we were preparing everything for their arrival. Just like Señor RAR, I guess I also wanted my parents approval, or at least a sign that they thought we made a good investment.

So Señor RAR graciously made dinner for my entire family, which was no easy feat since there were 9 people coming, plus ourselves. He made his delicious Bruschetta, Chicken Cacciotore and Steak Salad. I made a delicious dinner salad, and dessert, Lemon Merengue Pie and Chocolate Satin pie (Thank Goodness for Marie Callenders!!!)

It was madness though! Cooking, cleaning, decorating. It turned into a "dinner party" because as the day went along, we thought of different things to make (Mojitos/micheladas) or to decorate the place. We even had a chance to set the table with our new china, which we hadn't been able to use since the wedding, and very formal place settings. It felt like playing house, I tell ya! I don't think we sat down since 10 a.m. until after 11 p.m., when my family left!

All in all, the dinner party turned out to be a great success!!! My parents really liked our new place, especially the color scheme we have going in the different rooms. It's nice to see that all that effort we put into picking the "right" colors for each room, really pays off when people comment on how nice everything looks. They also enjoyed dinner very much, so Señor RAR gets props on that one.

I feel a little bad for my family though, because since Señor RAR was cooking, he wasn't able to give his very thorough "condo tour." Instead, my parents had to experience my version, which is significantly shorter, but perhaps not as interesting (wink, wink).

I think we are now ready for the housewarming party!!!!!!!!!!


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