Saturday, February 03, 2007


Remember when you were little and you left something somewhere that you meant to pick-up later, but ended up getting in trouble for it because you forgot about it. Gosh, remember how stupid you felt. Well, believe me its worse when you're an adult.

Yesterday I received a notice from our homeowners association telling me that I have violated our parking garage code, code number blah blah blah. I was illegally storing computer supplies in our parking garage and if I didn't remove it before some date I would be fined. Errr, that sucks.

Apparently a small computer tower that I had been lugging in my car's trunk since we moved (yeah I know it was 4 months ago), which I temporarily placed in front of our 2 parking spaces, was considered "illegal storage."

I felt so stupid, I took it out of my car because I needed some extra room in my trunk one day and I was too lazy to take it upstairs to our condo. So I just left it there for 2 weeks, and bamm got BUSTED for it.

Oh well, lesson learned...don't mess with the homeowners association...BIOTCH!


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