Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wireless Wired Zen

A few posts ago I went off on how much I hate coaxial cables etc. One thing I hate more is cable clutter. One of the challenges for our living room has been positioning the TV in a functional spot, with the cable being trapped underneath the carpeting. The cable issue is tricky, because I have to also figure out how to set up the wireless cable internet.

Where to begin, hmm I found a way to conceal my cables in the living room. Awesome, I hope my wife can live with the rubber strip that hides the cables. I don't think it looks that bad and it does the trick. Now on to the cable modem.

Time Warner really did a tight job with the cabling in our bedroom. I was able to split the line for the TV in our bedroom to set up my cable modem and router behind the tv. It actually worked out great because it's kind of hidden and doesn't really get in the way. Plus, another pet peeve of mine is protruding wifi router in broad site. I know there are issues with range and line of site connectivity, but I lucked out by buying a Wirless Pre N router...which is suppose to be powerful enough to send your wifi signal throughout a mansion.

Ah I love it, less wires and cables make me happy. Now I just have one wiring wireless project pending. I want to shoot a wireless audio/video signal to a little dvd monitor that I want to put in the kitchen. This way I can watch my baseball and basketball games while I cook. The only thing is that I need to find a 5.8ghz transmitter(which are rare), so it doesn't interfere with our router and cordless telephone that operate at 2.4ghz (very common frequency).

Peace to technology.


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