Monday, November 06, 2006

Window Treatments, What Was I Thinking?

This last Saturday JC Penny was having a massive storewide sale. I had heard that JC Penny was the place to go for curtains and other window treatments. So I convinced myself on Friday that I would wake up early on Saturday and take advantage of the mega discounts and buy curtains for our place. Needless to say, the store was packed with women, which was a bit intimidating.

First off, I didn't realize how complicated it was find curtains. I was quickly overwhelmed by the number of women who were hogging up the sales people, these women were ordering all kinds of curtain things. I soon became confused with the selections and types of window treatments available. I had to figure out fabric types, lengths, color, styles, accessories and price, which was much more involved than I imagined. Then there also was the wife factor, since she wasn't able to go with me I wasn't sure she would like the curtains I chose.

So after finding some curtains I liked, I decided to ask for help. The sales lady was very nice and answered all my questions. The curtains I chose were ivory and had this draping accesory fabric that mad it look very elegant. The 5 pieces without the discount were $180, but for being there early they gave me some additional discounts and the total came out to $, what a deal.

Putting the window treatments up was a whole other story. I had purchased some rods a while back at Target, when they were on sale. So after finding where I had placed them, I went to work on measuring and installing the rod. Since the curtains would cover our sliding window door in the living room, I measured the height and screwed in the brackets that hold the rod. After making sure it was level and symetrical, I began hanging the curtains. Hmm, they don't look anything like they do on the photo that comes with them. Oh well, lets put them up. After about an hour and a half of working on this, I was gonna like them no matter what and even though they seemed very wrinkled and akward, I was satisfied.

When my wife arrived later in the day, she totally didn't like the way they looked. She said that style of the treatments didn't match the rest of the living room's feel. When we discussed it we agreed that the draping accesory fabric was the main problem and made it look a bit tacky. So once I took that detail off, it made a huge differnce and we were pleased.


At 3:50 PM, Blogger truthiness said...

See, this is where I come in, because of RAR's tendency to exaggerate or post EVERYTHING that actually happened. Anyway, I did not go with him because I had to work...yes, sadly, I was in an office all day on Saturday.

Secondly, all I said was that the curtains did not match at all with the look of both the living and dining room.

In any event, and just because I think you care, everything looks great now!

At 3:51 PM, Blogger truthiness said...

Wait, I meant to say that RAR FORGETS to post everything...sorry about that one!


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