Thursday, November 02, 2006

First Home Cooked Meal

As of last Saturday our kitchen's renovation has been completed. We have a new stove and hood, new dishwasher and microwave. The place looks great, now we just need to put away all our dishes and stuff.

Nevertheless, since we got our stove installed last week I've been itching to start cooking. Unfortunately we have been so busy lately that we haven't gone grocery shopping and our fridge is empty. So yesterday I decided that on my way home from work I would stop by Ralph's and pick up some food to make. Ooh,what to make? I decided to go with one of my signature dishes, baked salmon with an orzo rissotto. Picked up all the ingredients and headed home to break-in the stove.

Allez Cuisine! I had that kitchen work triangle moving like a pro, fridge to sink, sink to stove, etc. etc. I really love my kitchen, its so spacious and very comfortable to cook in. By the time my wife got home from work, the food was ready to plate and serve. Cool, we also got to eat in our new dinning room for the first time too. Then to set the mood a bit, I turned on my Bose Sounddock and put on some smooth bossanova...ahh Bebel Gilberto (my wife calls it salmon music, because I always play it when I make this food).

The food came out great and my wife enjoyed it. I felt accomplished and was proud of my new stove. I was impressed with the burners on the stove, they really distributed the heat very evenly. My only gripe was on the tempetature knobs, they get a little hot, which was weird to me. Can't wait until my next meal, also I hope that my wife will get inspired by all the new appliances and treat me to one of her amazing Mexican dishes. By the way, in case you haven't noticed, Truthiness is my wife and she will be chiming in on the blog to give her perspective on things.


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