Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bad HD Karma

A few posts back I went off on how cable companies rip you off with HD service. My solution was, screw Time Warner I'm getting myself an HD antenna that will give me all the free channels uncompressed and at better quality. I was determined not to give Time Warner any more money.

So after doing my research about what the best antenna would be and the type of coverage I would get in my area, I learned that all my efforts would be useless. Our condo complex is at the base of some hills and it turns out that we reside in a HD shadow spot. This means that the signals traveling down from the Mt. Wilson transmitters are blocked by the hills casting an HD reception dead zone. If you think I'm crazy, check out this HD "signal strength"map that I found, the purple areas are the reception shadows and our condo is near the red circle.

Talk about a cock block from mother nature.


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous tam said... perdidos in a while huh? You guys are gooooood!


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