Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Laundry Room Blues

So tonight I decided to do laundry, this would be my first time since moving into the condo....ooh exciting. Our complex has a pretty nice laundry facility with plenty of modern washers and dryers. The best part is that its only 75 cents per load, what a bargain.

So as I gathered my dirty clothes, I quickly noticed that I was out of chonies (thats underwear for the non-Spanish speakers) and socks. Cool, caught it just in time. So it was just past 10PM and I headed down the courtyard to the laundry room. Since it’s about 100 yards away I decided to listen to music on my walk, so I was pumping some old Jamiroquai on my Ipod. Completely oblivious to everything I put in my clothes in the machine. My wife asked me to add some of her clothes, so it came out to two loads. On my way back I switched it to my new Amigos Invisibles CD I just got.....jamming to the Venezuelan Ultrapop.

When I get to the condo, my wife was watching Boston Legal in our bedroom. She started telling me she wanted to have a baby....aah ah baby? Whoa, easy there. Since my sister got engaged last week, my wife has this interesting theory that we will/should have a baby before the wedding. Change the channel, ah look NipTuck is on, and the dwarf manny is kissing the wife of the surgeon....gees what a weird show, but I love it. Oh yeah, I think my clothes are done washing.

So my wife and I head to the laundry room we get there and I realize I forgot the keys. Ok, back to condo got my keys and back to the laundry room. Hmm, something’s weird the door doesn't open and the lights are off. My wife says we should check the other side, so we do. Chingators! On the other side there's a huge sign "Laundry Room Hours 6AM - 11PM." Dang it! Ahhhhh, all my chonies are in there. So my wife asks me who is going to wake up at 6 tomorrow to get them, comment, but I know it will be me.


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Señor RAR said...

This morning, my wife got up with me at 6am and came with me to pick-up the laundry. That was sweet, this why I love her.


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