Monday, October 23, 2006

Sure Feels Good to Be Home

It's Monday the 23rd and its back to the grind, back to work and the city living. My wife and I arrived last night from our Hawaii trip and boy, it sure is good to be home. Not to say I didn't enjoy relaxing on a beach doing nothing...but there’s only so much relaxation one can take.

After being away for a week,
walking into our condo was a bit strange. The experience was reminiscent of when my wife and I returned from our honeymoon (in Maui) 3 years ago, and walked into our new apartment that we hadn't lived-in before. It was weird, thinking about it gave me goose bumps....its quite amazing how much we have accomplished in such a short time.

After dropping off our bags in the condo, my wife and I headed to get the mail. That was something that had me a bit concerned, especially since I'm convinced that the post office has screwed up my mail forwarding. Err, we had a lot junk in the mail box....but barely any forwards. Dang it, I hate dealing with the post office. I think I'll have to call 1-800-Ask-USPS, I've heard they can fix any mail problem.

Anyways, my wife pointed out something about me that tripped me out. She told me that she notices that I walk a little taller around the courtyards in our complex. When she told me that, I was like "Thats funny, but I guess," but in my head I thought "Hell, yeah! I'm a homeowner sucka!" (Baby, if you're reading this....I wasn't calling you just a figure of speech.)


At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, how many rooms does your condo have? Because I have a feeling you may be sleeping on the "other" room after your wife reads this! LOL ... even with the disclaimer!

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Señor RAR said...

Haha, fortunately for me our second bedroom is filled with boxes.


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