Monday, October 30, 2006

$75 Lesson

Part of living in a second floor unit means that if you lock yourself out, you're probably not going to be able to enter through the window. Well, as I learned yesterday it will cost you $75 to get a locksmith to open your door.

I'm notorious for forgeting my keys, and usually (for some reason) when my wife goes out with me she relies on me to carry the keys. So when we went out for the night, as I closed the door, my wife asks me if I had the keys. I touched my pant pocket and realized I didn't. At first my wife thought I was kidding, but then saw the look on my face an knew I had done it again...left my keys inside.

Great, what to do? So I thought that maybe the security at our complex would probably have a number for local locksmith. So we went to the security booth and the guaurd lent me his phone book. I managed to track a locksmith that provided 24 hour service. When I spoke to the guy he said he would be over in 20 minutes, he also informed me that it would be $75 and he only took cash. Err, only had $60 bucks on me. So my wife left me at the security booth and went to a nearby ATM to get some cash. So as I waited for the locksmith to arrive, I sat on a bench close by. Who knows how miserable I must have looked, because when my wife returned I could hear her laughing at me in her car from like 40 yards away. I said to her, "Why is it that lately every mistake I make costs me money?" She turns to me and laughing says, "You're a homeowner now, remember." I didn't laugh.

About 10 minutes later the locksmith arrived. The guy arrived in shorts and loafers without socks. It seemed like he just grabed some shoes and came over. It later made more sense when he told me he had been barbcueing in his backyard. He had a hard time opening the door, and after trying to pick the lock with no results, he went to get his drill. I thought, oh great...I just changed the locks too. But fortunatley he tried something else and the door soon opened.
Forking out the $75 bucks hurt, but to add insult to injury the locksmith told me it was his birthday and that he left his party just to come and open my door. I totally felt like an idiot.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, the joys of homeownership!!!!!!


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