Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Sectional Puzzle

All our furniture from Levitz has been delivered and its time to arrange it. We purchased a very versitle sectional that can be arranged in like 10 different configurations. Although, after 2 hours of trying to figure which one would work best for our living room, I'm not sure this was the best furniture for our place.

Dang it, what end goes where? Its so confusing and it doesn't help that they don't give you instructions on how the different ways to set up this sectional. One of the challenges with our living room is that it doesn't have a logical direction. So where does the TV go? I'm convinced that this will be my excuse to get a flat panel TV, which can be placed on the wall.

Anyways we decided not to set the furniture in a sectional style, but to place them as two separate pieces facing each other...hmm that works. Errr, but my wife is not too happy with the way it looks. I'm sure the more we see it, the more we'll get acustom to that setup. However, I do love the couch colors, they totally fit perfectly with the paint we chose.

Well, my wife and I will be taking a break from all this condo stuff, at least for a week. Before we decided to buy the condo, we had planned a trip to Hawaii for next week.....and I must say it couldn't have come at a better time. I figure with all the new expenses, who knows how much travelling we'll get to do.


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