Monday, June 09, 2008

Triumphant Return

Oof, it took me about 11 months to add a new post, but I guess I finally have stuff to talk about.

Just a quick update, with more details to follow in the next few days.

1) Finished completing bedroom furniture (roman shades, curtains, nightstands, dresser, mirror, chest, and lcd flatscreen tv).
2) Put up some decent artwork, got a Rafuse canvas print for the kitchen.
3) Finally completed the furniture for living room (new coffee table, 2 book cases, and roman shades).
4) Completed balcony (bistro set, outdoor rug, balcony garden planter, and hanging lanterns).

In the works, new kitchen cabinets (might as well put that hard earned government stimulus check to use.)

I will begin posting photos soon.


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