Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art, My Guilty Pleasure

For my wife it is shoes and purses, but my guilty pleasures are art (whatever I can afford) and music. So I'm pretty excited about the new Shag print I just purchased, its called "The Secret Cul-De-Sac." This print reminds me of life in Culver City, being that it is just west of Downtown and for being part of L.A., it has a very leisurely sub-urban feel. Now I have to save up for the framing, it will probably be more than the print.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Arrives at the Condo...Art and Decor Part 2

Spring time is now here, although the first part of the week felt like August with temperatures in the 90s. Regardless, last weekend my wife and I headed to Home Depot to pick up some flowers for our place. Check out the results:

Some spring flowers to enhance our outdoor space.

Also, in this next photo, you can finally see where our Ork Los Angeles Poster ended up, along with a new bookshelf we picked up at our favorite furniture store in Culver City, Interiors Made Eezy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art and Decoration for the Condo Part 1

For me one of the hardest things of being a homeowner is decorating. I think that the look and feel of your home says a lot about people living in it. For the most part my wife and I have similar tastes. However, I tend to be more reflective of the items I choose.

For the last year we have been buying art and decorative items for our condo, but it wasn't until January of this year that I actually started placing most of them.

Take a look at some of the items we put in the dinning room:

In the above photo, we have 3 new things: modern candle holders from Target, espresso mirrors from Ikea and (my pride and joy) my first real Shag print titled Il Ballatoio.

Josh Agle aka Shag, is one of my favorite artists. I've been a big fan for the last couple of years. I began 2 years ago buying smaller post card prints for my office, but this is my first real Shag signed print and my first real adult art purchase, which I had professionally framed and all.

Well, that is all for now, I will have a few more decoration stuff to share later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Eats at Westside Tavern in West L.A.

I recently had a resurgence of creativity and I decided to start blogging again. I have a lot more to talk about regarding improvements to the Condo, so I am hoping to post more frequently again.

In the meanwhile, I will share my experience this Saturday at Westside Tavern in West L.A. This place opened about 3 weeks ago in the new remodeled section of the Westside Pavillion. Conveniently located next to the swanky Landmark Theaters, this spot is now a perfect dinner and a movie joint.

I've been following WT's opening on Eater L.A. and I know they had a number of delays, but this place was worth the wait...the food is great! I visited WT on Saturday with my wife for some late night dining and immediately we were impressed with the bar and decor. The staff there was friendly and attentive, and since it wasn't too busy we were quickly seated. Right away, I was happy to see that they cary my new favorite beer, Racer 5, along with a lot of great microbrews and mainstream beers. Our order conisisted of the meat an cheeses appetizer plate, which was very delicious and almost a full meal. I then ordered a Fish and Chips type plate, with home-made salt and vinager chips, very very good. My wife enjoyed a so-so Mac and Cheese dish along with some great cocktails.

Overall, the food was tasty and the price was reasonable. We enjoyed our visit and are looking forward eating at Westside Tavern again real soon.