Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Eating Out During Kitchen Renovation

I am happy to announce that our kitchen should be ready today. Still some minor lingering issues left, but for the most part it will be done and we can begin to move everything back to our cabinets.

As you can imagine, not having a kitchen for a few days resulted in us eating out a lot. During this time, my wife and I visited two cool new Culver City restaurants, Pho Show and Father's Office.

Fathers Office was pretty good, they had an awesome beer selection and interesting sweet potato fries. My wife and I both had burgers, which were tasty, but not as good as the Albi Room (another nearby bar). The drawbacks, were waiting in line to get in and then the free-for-all seating arrangement. I think this place is probably better for drinks than dinner, but nevertheless we were quite satisfied with our visit.

Pho Show is a restaurant I have been anticipating since January. For the longest time the restaurant was an empty space with just a sign. So I was so happy to see it completed and open for business. Finally we have a pho place nearby!

Since moving to the the West Side, we've longed for a decent neighborhood pho place. For the longest time we kept going to Pho 99 in Brentwood, which was a good 10 miles out of the way. So last Wednesday my wife and I decided to take a walk and check it out. The results were mixed, the food was good but not impressive. I felt the broth and the noodles were missing something. I found myself adding more stuff then usual to my pho to get the taste I'm use to. Overall, I will definitely be back. The proximity and the price is just right, and the food will satisfy my occasional pho fix.

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