Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Addicted to Etsy

In my quest to begin buying art for the condo, I have been scouring the net for artists that catch my attention. Some of my favorites to date include Shepard Fairey, Shag, Michael Kungl and Will Rafuse. I have pieces from most of those artists, but they live in my office at work. Since at home, I am not the only one that has to like what is hanging on the wall, it becomes quite a challenge matching my wife's taste for art and mine.

Most recently, I got hooked on a site called Etsy. A co-worker turned me onto this site a few years back, but really never had looked at it in depth. As I began to look for new artists and new art, I became lost in the thousands of prints in so many styles. I got so into looking at all the types of art that I don't think I blinked for a good hour. The outcome was I found a really cool digital print from a talented graphic designer in San Francisco, Melissa Crowley. I immediately emailed it to my wife to see if she approved. My first thought was maybe this would look cool in our bedroom, but we'll see. To my surprise my wife really loved it, so I bought it. Check it out below.


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