Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 1 Complete

First day of our kitchen cabinet makeover is now complete. It was fairly anti-climactic and it went pretty quickly. Some how I envisioned the demolition process like they do it in HGTV, where they take a sledge hammer and just crush all the cabinets to pieces, not the case.

Around 10 a.m. I had a really quiet young Chinese man named Tom, in a white van, meet me at the security gate. He didn't speak any English, and I only know 3 things in Chinese...but only two words that I can actually use, "hello and thank you." The third is "I love you," which I don't think I will get me any where with him. By lunch (1:30PM) he had already taken apart all the cabinets and cleared everything from the kitchen. The guy was working nonstop, so I went out and bought him a Subway sandwich. When I returned, the kitchen designer also had just arrived and she made sure that all the measurements were correct and that all the materials were delivered.

So far, so good. Before Tom left, he had already assembled 3 of the cabinets. I wasn't sure about the 3 day turnaround, but I think they may just pull it off.

Check out some of the pics:

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